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Lia Booth


Lia Booth is a professional jazz vocalist with a background in folk, pop, and choral music. She has over ten years of choral training and has trained with recording jazz artists Sarah Gazarek and Katie Reid, as well as expert vocal rehabilitator and top vocal coach Eric Futterer. She can be found performing with different jazz players around OC and LA in clubs and restaurants and her recorded music and videos can be found on Soundcloud and Youtube.

Lia tailors her lessons specifically to each student to address their individual needs and goals. Her students will work on the technical aspects of singing like learning to read music, the basics of the piano, and proper vocal technique, but they will also get to explore their creative side and practice their own unique vocal expression. Ear training was the most influential part of Lia’s musical training growing into her own career as a vocalist and she brings that philosophy to every student. Come in with an open mind and open ears and you will have a great time!

Voice lessons are scheduled by the month and are $140.00 per month (4 weeks). Lessons are 1/2 hour in length, although longer lessons are available. There are NO contracts to sign. Lessons are on a month to month basis

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Phone: (714) 962-8911

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