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Simple Chord Progressions

Once you’ve learned some of the basic chords on the guitar, the next step is to learn to move from one chord to the next. This is what we call a chord progression. When you learn how to play a song on the guitar you are learning a chord progression. Many simple songs have only 3 chords (see my blog on 3 chord rock and roll). Some songs could have a dozen or more chords.

Below are 5 different chord progressions using 4 chords each. First memorize the chords in the progression then try strumming slowly down 4 times on each chord. The goal here is to not pause between each chord. If it sounds a little bit ruff at first that’s OK. Just try to play the progression without stopping. If you stop then go back and work on memorizing the chords some more without strumming. Eventually you’ll be able do this in your sleep.

This is one of the most important steps for total beginners. Once you’re comfortable moving from chord to chord, you can play 1000′s of songs. Many songs use exactly the same chords. So roll up your sleeves and start memorizing chord progressions!

I hope this helps

Andrew Morrison

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