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Importance of Practicing

When you memorize a new piece of music it can be fairly easy to remember if it’s still fresh in your mind. After a few days go by of not practicing the piece you may struggle with it a bit until you spend some time with it again. If you practice the same song a few times a week there’s a good chance it will stay with you.

If you are in a band and show up to rehearsal not knowing your parts it can be frustrating to your band mates that have taken the time to memorize their parts. You need to take time to practice every week so you are not the low man on the totem pole among the people you play with.

Whether you are in a band or just a beginning student, you will benefit greatly from a regular practice schedule. Go over your newest songs multiple times and try to play everything you learned from 3 weeks to 3 months ago.

Remember if you don’t use it you may lose it.

Craig Latronica (Bass Instructor AB Music Studios)

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