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Basic Guitar Chords – AB Music Studios Huntington Beach

Learning the basic guitar chords is the most important thing for the absolute beginner. To play guitar, all you really need to know is a handful of basic chords, a few strum patterns and you can play lots of songs. These basic chords are the foundation of almost every style of music – rock, pop, folk, country etc…

The problem most beginners run into is how to change between chords at the right time. Beginners often attempt to play the chords to a song by strumming to the syllables of the lyrics but find it difficult to keep a consistent rhythm. Learning basic repetitive strum patterns is also an essential part of playing guitar. Here at AB Music Studios our guitar teachers can help you to keep a rhythm while changing between these chords. For now you can start by memorizing these basic chords.

It’s normal for your finger tips to hurt when you press down to make each chord. In a couple of weeks your finger tips will start forming calluses. If you’re starting on an acoustic steel string guitar you may need to have the action adjusted. Lowering the action will make your guitar play much easier. You could also try starting on a nylon string acoustic guitar to make it easier on your finger tips.

Everything from the Beatles to Taylor Swift uses these basic chords. Eventually these chords will become second nature and you will be able to transition between them without any pain or effort!

There is almost an infinite amount of possible chord shapes on the guitar but most styles of music don’t use them. You will hear more advanced chords in jazz, fusion, progressive rock and experimental music. There are plenty of books like Chord Chemistry by Ted Greene where you can learn endless amounts of chords.


We hope this helps you in your quest to learning to play the guitar!

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